Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Our Garden

This is our second year planting a garden at our house. I won't count the first year where we spent $75 on plants and grew...I think one tomato? Last year we grew tons of tomatoes!! And snap peas, and a few other things. This year I tried to go big. We have two big garden beds and today just planted a red raspberry bush (tree?) and I am hopeful for gobs of raspberries this year or the next. 

We are slowly starting a mini homestead here! It is fun, and the work is wonderful spiritually and mentally, as well as physically. I am only able to garden like this because my health is so much better; as I said in a previous post I am healed! I am only dealing with one or two symptoms that I am working on, it is as if I am as I was 10 years ago, before I got married and took Cipro. I do very much equate my health downfall with that round of antibiotics. But enough about that! I can use my body, it doesn't hurt, it responds to my desires. I can bend, pick up, lift, carry, and vacuum and clean in the evening! Every day I thank God over some small task I used to not be able to do. Every day as I eat food I have not been able to eat in years; food that I thought I would never eat again...I internally praise the Lord in wonder and awe. 

The summer seems to be flying by, our days are booked and full and I need, once again, to learn to do less so I can read all the books and fall asleep in my new hammock. I have so many books I can't wait to dip into in the next two months, and I am half afraid I have overcommitted my to-read list. 

Reuben turn seven soon and so much is happening right before our eyes. Life is wonderful, but it is flying by. How are you all?

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