Monday, June 13, 2022

I'm trying to leave Instagram (and rants about books)

I do better without social media. I haven't been on Facebook in ages (and permanently deleted my profile) but Instagram...I used to love it. I thought I would keep it until they added reels. I like having more than a 90 second attention span, thank you very much. Also they are addicting. I hate the ads, I am not that interested in the story aspect of instagram either. 

I just want the instagram of old, wonderful pictures from those I follow. Facebook has ruined the app. If anyone knows of another photo sharing app, please suggest one down below. Right now I am sometimes using it and often not, teetering on an an hilarious see-saw of deleting but, a few days (or maybe even hours later) re-downloading the app. I'm like Pavlov's dog--I keep thinking I will be served food but all I am doing is drooling on myself in anticipation of something that never comes. It has now been almost a week and I haven't posted and I don't see myself going back. Until tomorrow when nostalgia will bite me and I'll download it again only to post a picture, see a few ads, be attacked by reels and delete it a few hours later when I realize I am letting it suck my life away. 

We planted our third berry bush yesterday--the blueberry. Here is a picture Becky took of me planting it. There were 47 other pictures of me planting the bush, but this one was the best. Becky is four. Also, she is admittedly a much better photographer than I was at four. Trust me.

Anyway, I can't wait to eat these in a few years (well, we can eat 12 blueberries this summer but hopefully we will have hundreds). 

We have started on the Year Two Ambleside free reads. First up, was Along Came the Dog which was absolute perfection and now on my top 20 favorite books ever. It's a slow slice of life book; perfect for children and adults, full of adventure and deep truths. I loved it, everyone loved it. We have colored pictures of little red hens everywhere. Read it. Would also make a great gift to families with kids under 10. You will not be disappointed! 

After that wonderful 10/10 read, I soared on a literature high. We picked Mary Poppins to read next.

It was a complete disappointment. No one liked it. The movie was better!! And I never say that!! I didn't even like Jane and Michael in the book, and I liked Mary even less who doesn't even seem to be a main character. What, pray tell, is the point of the book? I don't know. My kids don't know. Does anyone know?

I might have already talked about this on the blog, but I was thinking about it again today. Is Mary Poppins even a living book? (gasp.) Why was it so popular a few decades ago?? I don't get it. Mary is a grouch, and has no backstory. Nothing happens in the book! There is no plot development!!! The characters wander around, odd things happen, and Mary leaves. That's it. I learned nothing about Mary, nothing about Jane, nothing about Michael and nothing about the twins or their mother or father. I don't think I will read this again when we do Year Two with Becky, but who knows. I am not a rule breaker (as in its hard for me to leave out something the curriculum tells me to read) one liked that book. I kept waiting for it to get better and it never did. This is one book Disney did better. (at least regarding the 1964 movie I haven't seen the newer one).

After that, I took a little break in reading to the kids. But recently we picked up The Story of Dr. Dolittle. This book is not as bad at Mary Poppins, but it is not as good as Along Came the Dog. Also, it is silly. We are making it through the chapters and thinking about reading the first Harry Potter book next (my addition to the free reads) or Heidi because I borrowed Heidi from a friend and need to return it. 

Another thought: why are there so many editions of Heidi and why are they all so different. I get it, it's a translation, but can't we pick one translation and be done? Do we really need 47 of them? And the reviews are confusing. Some say they don't like this translation or that one, so how do I know what I am getting when I buy it? 

This is why I decided to borrow it from a friend. 

Hah. Happy June. Summer is in full thrall, Covid is going around (my town at least) and Reuben's birthday is next month. What could possibly go wrong? I need to make more lists and finish decluttering and meal prepping. Also we need to chop wood because winter is coming.  My heart is full, and my purse is empty, and you can't pay for gas with love. 

I remember when gas was 98 cents a gallon. My mom said she remembers 35 cents a gallon. I wonder what Reuben will remember?  

Joy is abounding and I have enough! See you all later!

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