Wednesday, June 22, 2022

a lot of things went wrong

This week is vacation week. Brian has the whole week off! We have a birthday party, VBS, dentist appointments and a trip to Washington DC (the dentist in in DC) all scheduled for this week! Not to mention our usual CSA pickups and milk pickup and violin this week is chock-full of everything.

we were all tired by this point

And it started off with the unexpected.

We had been looking for a piano for awhile because I want to start Becky in piano lessons when she turns 5 in January. Well, my violin teacher's sister (that's a mouthful) said that a local church was practically giving away their pianos (they are $100 each) and we got one! We bought the piano Monday and if it all works out we will have it in our house on Thursday. We are going to try to move it in our truck and I am letting Brian handle that with two of his friends and one of my friends adult son. I hope it goes well. I know very little about pianos and even less about moving a piano. It is a Console piano and both Becky and I are excited. I hope it doesn't fall out of the truck and we can get it into our house unscathed. Ahhhh!

SO. Monday was a whirlwind of going to look at the piano. We saw four out of the six they had left before wisely deciding to buy the last piano on the ground floor. Stairs I don't think we can do. We got home from the Big Piano Surprise Purchase to figure out where to PUT the piano. We reshuffled the living room and made a mess. After the stress of that (how are we still married) I put the living room back in order. Halfway through I got a phone call. Reuben's dentist appointment was canceled due to the doctors having covid. WHAT? 

Let me back up a bit. SO I found this amazing holistic dentist who says they can help my son breathe through his nose with NO surgery or braces. Reuben cannot breathe though his nose at all. This has been an ongoing problem since he was born that I have tried to get everyone to look at to no avail. Well, I finally found this dentist and it looks promising. We had a consultation in their secondary office which is about an hour away from our home. The problem is the main office is 3.5 hours away near DC. SO the reason we were going to DC and the reason we booked a hotel and were going to visit museums there was...we would already be there for Reuben's dentist appointment. 

And now it was canceled because the doctor tested positive for covid. SIGH. I realize it is not his fault and his practice is doing the best it can, but it was a serious issue for us! We were supposed to leave Tuesday for DC, see some museums, and stay in a hotel overnight for the 10:30am appointment on Wednesday. The call came one day before we left!!! There was no time to cancel the hotel, so we went anyway, knowing we are going to have to do this all over again whenever I reschedule the appointment. Which I have to wait to do until I can sit down with my husband and find out when he can take another day off.

Washington DC traffic is horrible. I definitely cannot drive there. I mean, I guess I could...but I don't want too! Crazy people zooming all over!!! We borrowed a stroller and saw the Natural History Museum and the Museum of American History. (my children broke a piece off the stroller tray and I had to very embarrassingly tell my friend, I am sorry my kids broke this) It was interesting, fun, and tiring. We walked for hours and I am shocked at how much bottle water costs (we did bring some of our own but ran out...) Also, the free parking at DC is gone. There used to be free parking (as of 6 years ago, the last time we went and I remember the spots in the 90s when I was a kid!) but there isn't free parking anymore, or if there is we couldn't find it. The food at the museums is extremely overpriced. I was disappointed in how "woke" our history is becoming, but I guess that is politically correct these days? 

[side rant: What will they change about the 90s and early 2000's one hundred years from now? Will they revile us for all the human trafficking that goes on? For abortion? I wonder what it will be; as we look back on the 17, 18, and early 1900s and judge them with a heavy amount of hindsight bias and presumptuous pride. We are no different in our sins, if anything we are more lazy, more gluttonous and more promiscuous than they. At least in the 1700s most people could live off the land; we are chained to our endless entertainments of television and ticktock as we grow ever fatter on our couches. Sheech. I shudder to think what they would say if they could see us for a change.] 

So anyway, we saw DC, we spent too much money on food, and we made it to our hotel! And then even though we were all exhausted we walked to a HUGE mall for dinner and bought the most amazing Indian food. Everyone ate it and we all crashed in the hotel room, dreaming up things to do tomorrow since Reuben's appointment was canceled. 

We woke up to one of my children peeing the bed. And also we didn't sleep well (who does in a hotel?) so we decided to just clean up and head home. Pee child had to wear a siblings clothes because Mommy did not plan for a pee apocalypse and packed light. No one has accidents anymore in our house and hasn't for months! Let my life be a warning for you: always plan for the pee apocalypse. Always.  

And now we are home and the mini-whirlwind vacation is over and we all had a shower and tomorrow is another busy day where we hope to get the piano into our house in one piece! Hopefully. Send prayers. And then we attend a birthday party and this crazy week will be over.

I don't think I am a vacation person. I get excited when I plan them, but when I'm on "vacation" its just a stress and anxiety inducing trip away from home. Am I doing something wrong or am I just a homebody? The thought of going on another vacation does not sound thrilling to me. I just want to knit stuff, drink tea, and read books; that's enough excitement for this middle aged mother!

How is your week going? 

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