Thursday, February 24, 2022

Crisis Point

 A lot has happened. 

On one hand, I realized I had slowly made "health" an idol in my life. I thought my life would start again when I got better, that I would be a good mom when I healed, that my own health would bring joy and happiness. Now, health is awesome and I definitely want to heal (Yes I am still sick. I am above 50 percent but I would love to be back at 100!!) but I shouldn't put my health over GOD. 

I can be a good mom and have a chronic illness.

I can be a good wife and have a chronic illness. 

I can be happy and have joy in God and have a chronic illness.

It is sweet to re-center and have God be my everything. Suddenly, my health isn't as important as I thought it was. God is everything, and he will be enough. 

This week I have thought so many things through. I get sunsets every night from my home AND God? What more do I need? Why do I complain so much?? I get matcha lattes at lunch and God. I have more than I need, because I only need God.

What else is happening:

We are knee deep in Ambleside Year One, Term Two. I am doing the Gaps diet but staying in ketosis and it's helping! I can do an enema no problem and laugh at myself for being wary of them. They are wonderful and healing and need to be a part of our culture. Yes I'm weird but look it up. Russia is attacking the Ukraine and I am praying. I need to say no to more things because I keep doing too much and I need rest. 

I have an appointment in two weeks to check for breast cancer. I already think I have it, but who knows. I need to remember to put frankincense EO on myself. Hopefully I don't have it but I can't think of what else this would be. 

Husband joined me on the keto diet...I had to have him join. I can't make extra food for people. 

I am excited for rest, and I will definitely let you guys know if I have cancer. 

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