Sunday, February 6, 2022

I have not felt this good since 2019

Yeah, the title says it all. If you know me (or have been reading my blog for awhile) 2019 was the best year ever!!! I was able to eat gluten again, felt great and healthy and had energy. While I am not currently eating gluten or really much of anything (going through gaps stages again, I am on stage 3) I am feeling good, and that means a lot to me. It means my energy isn't all going to survival, it means I am able to hang out with friends, laugh, relax, and live a little! 

Unfortunately, maintaining this kind of strict diet isn't feasible long term, but maybe it will heal me more and I will be better when I hit full Gaps again in a week or two. 

Life and all its seasons are perplexing, are they not? Today was the rush rush of getting out the door for church and then relax at home after cleaning the kitchen from lunch. Then we got a call from a friend about wood from a tree that had fallen into her yard, so Brian went and collect the wood for our stove! I took an epson salt bath and now I feel sleepy. But brownies (for everyone but me) are in the oven and I have a cup of tea, so life is good. The school day looms tomorrow with all its business but today, at least for the next few hours, I will rest. 

God is good, and as I meditate on his goodness and sip my tea, I can't wait to be part of this incredible journey of life that He has given me. Yes, I have problems and yes, I have things I could complain about, but today I am going to choose not to and just to contemplate the lovely world around me and enjoy some of Gods many wonders. 

Happy Sunday friends!

I finally finished this crazy green shawl and have been wearing it everywhere. This one is called "Campside" if you want to google it; it is by Alicia Plummer. Did you know I am working on two more shawls? What is wrong with me??! Oh well, next winter will be cold too. And I am not a minimalist on knitwear, lets be honest! My kids each own at least three hats, all of them made by me! 

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