Sunday, November 15, 2020

Gaps Diet [Week Four]

I finally got the ball rolling on this Gaps machine. I feel like I know what I am doing. I can plan and prep meals and make stock with my eyes closed, I can dream of food but not give in and I am learning more about my body and health every day.

I tried avocado and was fine!!! 

So I am on stage 3 gaps now. I am having some constipation issues because of the low fiber and am hopeful to zoom through these phases so I can fix myself. The Gaps book recommends enemas for constipation and I will give myself one next week. Does anyone want to hear how it goes? I have never had an enema before, but I have struggled with chronic constipation since I was eight. With how low fiber I am magnesium isn't even helping!! Apparently this is common with the beginning of the Gaps diet. Also, apparently enemas are super healing and helpful and amazing (I've been told this by my gaps coach, the gaps book, and my naturalistic doctor.) So, I will apparently be doing more of these enemas in my future. I'm not thrilled, but cautiously optimistic. 

I also took my first detox bath this week and experienced some herx symptoms. I had anxiety, bloating, runny nose, and ear issues. It was a very intense experience and I don't want to do a detox bath ever again.

I also decided (because of my constipation) to completely cut out dairy. Well, I did for three days and now am having some wey (1 tbsp in a cup of water). I hope to add in kefir in a week or two. I miss my sour cream and homemade creme fraiche and yogurt. 

My beet kvass will be done tomorrow! Apparently beets help constipation too! Yay, I should be pooping soon. Sorry. I mean, not sorry. This is my life. 

I filmed two "what I eat in a day" videos for Gaps stage 3, so look out for those on my YouTube sometime. 

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