Sunday, November 1, 2020

Gaps Diet [Week 2]


Week two, or the week where I have to start over.

The week started out great! On day 8 I woke up dreaming about food I couldn't eat. It was weird. I laughed it off and told my husband, but by day 9 the cravings were crazy. I decided to have some chocolate which spiraled into me having some muffins (see previous post). The muffins caused all my autoimmune symptoms to return and made me feel guilty and bloated. 

Oh, well. The next day I started over and I have not cheated since. You can't cheat on the gaps diet--you actually have to stick to the recommend foods if you want to heal your gut. It is what it is. I will try not to make the same mistake again! I need to make sure I have prepped food so if I am hungry I have something to eat. I need to meal plan and think about healing instead of what kinds of food I may be missing. 

We made some changes. The kids are going to eat soup for dinner with me so I don't have to cook them something different. I'll give them a side of toast and it will be an excellent meal. As for my keto husband, I might not be able to make food for him. He might have to fend for himself. I'm going to put feeding myself first. It feels weird but he is an adult and he can feed himself.

I am still on stage two. With the extent of my damage, I plan to stay on stage two of the gaps intro diet for at least another week, probably the rest of the month and maybe longer. In one week I will try avocado and may do an extended stage two depending on how I do with it.

I booked a call with a gaps coach to get some help. I am excited to see if she has any tips. She sent me this hugeeeeeeeee 7 pages of paperwork to fill out and it was a little much with my anxiety and also a little annoying. She asked questions about my makeup use and what kind of filter we have in our water supply, things that baffled me since it isn't about the gaps diet, but oh well. I filled it out. I know the big picture matters but I am already 99% clean in all areas of my life, and honestly just want help with the gaps diet! 

My GAPS book came in the mail. I skimmed it. It's heavy reading and I'm an exhausted mom. I will try to form my brain around it, but no promises. 

Stage two foods I have found that I can't tolerate: onions (unless cooked in broth and removed) garlic and tomatoes. These are nightshades. I love tomatoes, so hopefully I can try them again in six weeks and digest them better. 

My anxiety was quite bad this week. I am hopeful it gets better next week when I stick to the diet and throw out half the things in my house.

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