Thursday, July 16, 2020

What I've Learned this Season (Covid19, BLM, Lyme)

A friend of mine asked me today what this season had taught me. And wow, I have learned a lot. I've learned God is all you have when your health abandons you. I mean, I knew God was everything and all I could rely on before—but now I've experienced it on a very uncomfortable level. Good health, even with my autoimmune issues, is a privilege and I'm so grateful to have a functioning body again. I hope I shall have one for a long while.

I've learned that people are extremely diverse, and I am not talking about skin color. Covid and the hysteria of masked-vs-nomask, the stress of reopening and all the new rules is a horrible thing to watch unfold on Facebook. I'm definitely homeschooling even though I'd already decided to do so a long time ago. I'm now like 600x more interested in my kindergartner NOT WEARING A MASK ALL DAY. A five year old does not need to worry about how many feet he is from his classmate while he learns.

But the drama. Oh, the drama. I am going to stay out of it from here on out. I wear a mask, when I can, and I don't when I can't and I am the same sinful person on the inside no matter what virtue I happen to be signaling at the grocery store.

The race stuff is just horrible to see. It is so sad to see people still being hurt and shamed over the color of their skin in 2020. But the hilarious part of it all is seeing all the white people scrambling around trying to let everyone know how non-racist they are. Their facebooks scream LOOK AT ME OVER HERE WHITE LADY NOT BEING RACIST LOOK AT ALL THE BLACK-POSITIVE POSTS I AM MAKING EVEN THOUGH I NEVER SHARED A SINGLE BLACK RELATED ITEM IN MY WHOLE LIFE.

It's getting old. Sharing a post on Facebook does very little. But maybe they're doing things in real life too. I just spent two weeks on my couch, so I clearly shouldn't talk.

The world won't change until we do. And even then it's still going to be a corrupt cesspool where our politicians visit islands to rape children. The last four presidents we have elected have been absolutely corrupt from the sex and rape scandals of Bill Clinton to Trump, whose policies I actually like but who has a mouth like a high school prick and has said things about women I won't even dare repeat here. Is this really the best we can do, America? Where are all the decent young men and women I was promised in poli sci. My grandfather Robert could run the nation better and he won't insult all of womankind in the process, but I guess he isn't famous enough. Like, can we please have a candidate with good morals AND good politics? Is this too much to ask?

I've learned that my kids are always getting older and it sucks but it's also wonderful. I'm getting older too, and I like that part at least right now. My husband is also old but he tries to jump around like he's a 13 year old boy with a new skateboard and scare me half the time. Like just sit down Brian please remember you are 35 and work in a cubicle. I love you anyway.

And yup, that mostly sums up the past 14 weeks of 2020. Miscarriage sucks; I still don't understand the stock market...and why has the price of food skyrocketed?! Someone wake me up and tell me its 1999 and I can color in my Lisa Frank notebook with my gel pens.

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