Thursday, July 30, 2020

10 days

10 days. That is all I had. 10 days where I felt normal. Where I had a life again. I remember sweeping the floor, tidying the kitchen on day 8 and the joy I experienced at being able to do such a small task and not needing to lay down afterwards. 

The herbs started working right away. I did scale it back a lot from what I posted in my PDF (taking less of each herb) because I ended up taking too much too fast. I didn't make a new pdf I just ended up writing over top of the numbers with new drop ratios. 

But on day 11 everything changed. My symptoms all came back.

Here are my symptoms:

1) gut bloating
2) headache (front forehead mostly)
3) extreme fatigue
4) on and off sore throat
5) feel weak
6) blurry vision
7) extreme light and touch sensitivity
8) brain fog

Many of these symptoms slowly came on since my miscarriage on in early May. (I've always had glut bloating and light and touch sensitivity)

I am devastated. 10 days of normal and now I am back to having to lay down after lunch and almost unable to get up. And I still don't know what is wrong with me. Do I have lyme (still on herbs) or EBV? Or maybe ME/CFS?  My plan is to finish out the lyme herbs (30 days) and take a two week break. After two weeks I will do a parasite cleanse, then another break and do the herbs for chronic fatigue mentioned in Healing Lyme. After that, I hope I am okay. I don't know. I can only hope and pray.

Anyway. The lyme herbs are not cheap. I know I've said this before. We had about $500 of herbs already, but I spent about $300 more on other ones I needed/ doubles for after I used them. I also bought some that I ended up not being able to take (tryptophan, nattokinase). I had to stop the nattokinase because it lowered my blood pressure too much. It says it does this, but I was hoping it wouldn't. On it my bp is measuring around 80/56. I also backed off on the cats claw as it also can lower your blood pressure. And I decided not to take the tryptophan yet as I read more about it and it can mess with your sleep and I need sleep.

But something else happened. My husband developed a bulls eye rash randomly one day! We never even saw a tick, but he did have some bug bites. The rash was around a bug bite, on his knee. The picture isn't really good--the rash was actually a lot darker. He is starting with 2 weeks of doxycycline and will move to herbs if that does not work.

July has been rough. Not only does he now have lyme, but he had to work all weekend! We didn't even get a break. This is tough and now that my symptoms are back, I am having a hard time clinging to hope. Please continue to pray for me and our family.

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