Thursday, April 16, 2020

Sweater Weather (Engle is done)

I really really loved making this Engle! This was a long knit, but it is soooo worth it. I made some modifications: I used three colors instead of four, started out knitting a size 7 but switched to a size 6 after the colorwork part (I just didn't do the last increase) and I made it with short sleeves. I am in love!

Exact modifications:

1) Decided to use three colors because I accidentally reversed the first two colors on the chart. Did the white (color 2) where it was supposed to be Main Color---I just went with it when I noticed.

2) This yarn is wonderful, but also hard to work with. First time with this kind--I couldn’t do “ m1” (make ones) without a lot of frustration, so I just started k1fb when she says make one. SO much easier.

3) Went up a needle because I know I knit tight, and also up two sizes (I would be a size 5 but am making 7). 

4) Didn’t swatch. I hate swatching. Looking great so far.
5) Close to the end of the yolk, it started to be too big so I just didn’t do the last increase and this left me four stitches short of size 6. I just left out the 2 stitches on each arm, and since I am doing short sleeves I don’t think it will make much of a difference.

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