Saturday, April 18, 2020

somewhere in the middle

If I would have to define my views on the whole "covid-19 crisis" I would place myself somewhere in the middle.

I don't think resuming normal actives in the midst of a massive viral outbreak is a good idea. No matter what conspiracy view you hold, something is infecting people and I don't want it around me or my loved ones.

But, I am also worried about the economy and financial stability of America.

(I won't theorize about countries that I am not a citizen of, so don't think I am glossing over the whole world battling this virus. I know they are, but I don't really know what they are going through. Just know I am praying for everyone, not just Americans. But America, and specifically Virginia, is where I am and where I am seeing the ripples of this virus and subsequent quarantine multiply. This is where I am seeing people suffer from job loss, mental health issues, and even the virus itself.)

Times right now are stressful, hard, and agonizing to see. 

So what would I do? Or what do I think the plan should be?

I have absolutely no idea. And I am not about to suggest one either. Maybe the best I can say (after reading a lot) would be to go state by state and locality by locality in regards to the "reopening"? But that is hardly a plan.

I am neither a doctor nor a politician; only a mom with a bible.

I can't even keep my kids face clean.

But if I don't know what the world at large should be doing, I have figured out what I should be doing. And it's the same thing we are always called to do.

Love your neighbors as yourself and love the Lord your God. There is no greater commandment, or so says the Lord, and he's pretty high up on the list of who I listen too.

Or so I am reminding myself as I panic and struggle through my home days. And my husband's job hasn't even been effected! (Yet) (and hopefully never) I know I have a lot to be grateful for, but this is still hard. I am struggling, I am depressed. I am anxious.

But in these times, I try to remind myself of the truth.

This is the truth I cling to: Even if we all die, he is still Lord. Even if the economy crashes and it takes 10 years to build it all back... he is still Lord. Even if we never find out where Covid-19 came from, who made it (if anyone)...he is Still Lord.

I love you all. Reach out. I am here and I miss you.

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