Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Reuben Turns Four

My baby is four! He has accepted God as his savior, prays daily and is full of curiosity and questions. "Why" is probably his favorite thing to ask. He also loves cookies, bacon, and strangely enough bell peppers. His favorite fruit is peaches, and he LOVES dairy free ice cream when we can get it. He's social and outgoing, a total extrovert. He wants to learn to read and asks all the time for me to teach him (we are working on it) and is very helpful in the kitchen.

He also likes to antagonize his sister, so don't think he's perfect. I mean, he is perfect, but he's human. I love him.

For his birthday this year we took him to a water park in Roanoke. He had a blast. He loves swimming. After that we had a small party with family only and had a separate get together with my church family the following week. I can't believe he is four!

His favorite thing to watch right now is Daniel Tiger. He loves his legos and magna tiles (that was his birthday gift) and he enjoys climbing and playing outside.

As you can see, I did find some pictures of his cake on my iPhone! The cake wouldn't come out of the pan so I crumbled it on top. It's a strawberry cake and is vegan and gluten free. It was also delcious. Happy Birthday Reuben!