Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Necklaces for Moms

I was contacted by Get Me a Necklace to write up a sponsored post for them. I have never done a sponsored post without actually receiving the product, but GMaN was more interested in bringing awareness to their website and jewelry and less about a review. So please note this is not a review but more my thoughts on their website so you can check it out.

I did receive $20 for this post and that is exciting, right? I get contacted by so many people to write up things and never get offered payment (so I politely decline) but this one was different!

Two things really stuck out to me on GMaN. One, they have picture charms. I really want one of our family pictures made to wear on a charm bracelet. Two, they have infinity necklaces, and I really want one of those as well. I would put my grandmother and grandfathers names on it. I'm named after my grandmother.

I love that they are very country inclusive. There is an option to change the currency at the top of their website, so you can order from Canada or China or wherever you live.

They also have cheap engraved bracelets, family necklaces, and bracelets in sterling silver. I know my highschool self would have really wanted some of the couples jewelry.That was all the rage back in the day. Now I'm married and we live together so I don't pine over Brian the way I did when we were dating. I mean, I still love him. Our love has grown so much...

Anyway, check out the jewelry if you are interested. I'm sure I'll never do another sponsored post again so don't hate me. I was just excited!! Finally, someone takes blogging seriously!