Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Rebekah is Six Weeks

Six weeks (and a few hours) ago I gave birth to my little girl. She's growing up so fast! I remember when I gave birth telling my husband I was never having sex with him again and never having another baby. You guys. I now have baby fever like crazy. I want all the babies. I am 100% certain in a year or two we will try for another one! I mean, we don't use contraceptives at all, so it could be sooner--but nursing usually helps prevent pregnancy for awhile. I know I want to stop growing our family when I turn 35, so I have 3 more years. I can fit two babies in there. Maybe?

She's holding her head up, pushing with her arms to look around, and she LOVES the sound of big brother's voice. She's waking up 2-3 times a night to nurse (yes, I am so lucky) and goes to bed with me around 10. She naps once a day for about 2 hours--usually I have to babywear, but she stays asleep. Sometimes I can lay her down. Since my first baby didn't sleep at all (poor Reuben) and he woke up 4-5-6 times a night to nurse at this age, I am counting my lucky stars and soaking up all the sleep I can. I know leaps are coming and her sleep may change, but right now I am very blessed.

Showering is hard because she does not like to be put down long. Cooking while babywearing is a bit difficult. Reuben is a big helper! I still feel like I get nothing done but I know I get a lot done. Doing laundry is hard too. By the end of the day I just want an hour to myself with no tiny human attached to me!

She looks a lot like Reuben when he was a baby. But a lot like herself too. Breastfeeding is going great, even if she has a tongue and lip tie. She does swallow a lot of air and gets very gassy, but is still gaining weight. She was 9 pounds at her last check up! Oh, I am so smitten with her tiny smiles...