Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Week of Keto Dinners

I eat a lot of different things on the keto diet but these are a few of my favorite easy keto dinners that I keep coming back to! Some are made by me and some are from others--I'll link where I can!

This is a really easy dinner. I take half an onion, and a pound or half a pound of ground beef or sausage and cook it. I add a bag of butternut squash risotto from the frozen section of our local store, and half a bag of kale or spinach, a dash or two of milk or butter, and some spices. Cooks up fast and is super yummy!

Something more "traditional" looking. Baked chicken tenders breaded in almond flour and nutritional yeast (I do a 1:1 mixture) and cauliflower mashed with salt, pepper and butter. Two low carb dipping sides. 

This is the keto egg roll in a bowl recipe from ketogasm. It's really good!

Green curry. Basically just green curry paste, veggies, chicken and coconut milk! Super simple and very filling. Sometimes we add cauliflower rice.

Taco salad. Taco meat in taco seasoning on top of salad, with everything you'd put on a taco. I use chipotle low carb dressing--so yum and spicy! My husband actually cooked this, so I am not quite sure of the process, but it was very very good.

A very simple keto meal of roasted (or pan-fried) broccoli and mushrooms with fish.

Keto ramen! So amazingly delicious and only took around 15 minutes to make, I'm serious! This is actually a whole 30 recipe but it's keto too. I found it on instagram.

What are you guys eating for dinner lately?