Friday, September 8, 2017

Wool Onesie and Moods

When browsing Ravelry I came across the pattern Little Brother's Romper and fell in love. I promptly envisioned knitting it in this green yarn I have had in my stash forever, that I bought at my local yarn shop on clearance.

So, I bought the pattern, and found the yarn in the depths of my stash. And was sadly disappointed. I am not trying to judge this designer, but her pattern is not friendly to novice or intermediate knitters. It's very bare bones, figure it out yourself kind of knit. Not what I expect when I pay for a pattern--more what I expect from a free pattern. Several steps are left out that I had to figure out for myself. I know, I learned a lot, but I had to redo the bottom a few times and make some things up as I went along. And I also had to redo the top because I made a huge mistake (that mistake was due to not paying attention on my part [AHEM TODDLER] and not the pattern). But the pattern was frustrating. I had wanted to knit 2-3 more of this designers patterns, but after my experience with that one, I have removed them from my queue.  

I was very happy to be done with it. I mean, I am pleased--it's very cute, and I am sure it will look great on my infant, and I love the Araucania Milodon yarn, but it was a lot of trouble to knit and I just remember being frustrated, not relaxed, while making it.

It's funny how things I make have moods attached to them, depending on how easy/hard they were to knit. I just ordered my Christmas yarn to start on my holiday knitting and am planning on making a very complicated sweater for everyone in my family, so...there is more tough knitting to come. And also a reason I am starting with the 2T size of the sweater. Hahaa.

What do you do when you have a frustrating knit?