Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two-Color Fingerless Gloves

I made some new colorwork knit fingerless gloves last week! There are knitted with two colors. You start with one (I used lavender) and then slowly add the second color (I used a variegated hand-painted yarn) until only the second color remains, giving it a sort of "ombre" effect.

Of course, I made a pattern. You can download the PDF here for free, as well as view more information about these gloves. You can buy yourself an actual pair in my etsy store!


Rachel G said...

Hey! This place looks different! And I'm cracking up over Deanna's button. I like it! Blue looks pretty on your blog! :)

emily said...

So cute! I recently took up knitting and it's hard! I wish I could knit something as cute as that! How do you get the yarn to look like different colors? Perhaps I'll try that on the next hat I knit. :)