Monday, November 11, 2013

Sweater Purse?

I had an old sweater I bought for my husband when we were first married. It fits fine, but he says its itchy and that he hates turtlenecks. Lesson learned!
So I decided to turn it into a fall purse for myself.
I absolutely adore my new satchel! After felting and cutting the sweater, I added some pretty crochet trim that I bought from the store, and a vintage doily that I bought on my honeymoon in Mexico. The inside of my creation is lined with an old sheet from my local goodwill. Its a handmade venture all around.
I love it, and I am sure this purse and I will have many adventures. Soon.


Rachel G said...

I love the lace on it! (And I never buy clothes for my husband--it never works out well!)

Susan Sarandon said...

Great DIY, i will do the same with my old robe.


Beth Ewing said...

This looks so good! How creative, it looks like this project was a huge win!