Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you Crochet?

Hey guys! I've been working on my crochet recently! This week I made some super soft crochet arm warmers for Handsome and Gretel, an amazing new folk band that I found by the suggestion of Sew Technicolor. I wanted to send them some fan art, so I made Gretel these arm warmers and Handsome a hat. I hope they like them.
I also crochet myself some leg warmers! They are super cozy and cute; and I made a free pattern for downloading on Ravelry, so you can make some too!
I'm finding out that I love both knitting and crochet. Yay! Can you do both?


Joanna said...

I can't do either, though not for a lack of wanting to/trying- I just can't. My mother can do both, and knit this amazing sweater the other day, so I asked her to teach me… We'll see!

_emmaread_ said...

I don't crochet, knit, or sew but I wish I could!

That being said, here's a question from ignorance: Is it really difficult to knit/crochet the fingers on gloves? I ask because I wanted to find some cute handmade gloves (with fingers) on Etsy but the vast majority of the gloves are "fingerless gloves" or mittens. I don't know if this is because it's a trendy thing (I'm so outta the trendy loop lol) or if it was because it takes way more time and effort than it's worth to knit/crochet fingers on gloves.

I can see the advantages of fingerless gloves, but my fingers are exactly what get so extremely cold! Mittens would be okay sometimes but I'd rather have more control of my grip with the individual fingers gloved.

Carolynn said...

It's not really that hard to make fingers, but it is more time consuming! I hate having my didgits coverered because then I can't use my phone and things are slippery so that's why I do this :P good question!

Knitting and crochet is so fun! I learned off YouTube. You can do it!

Emorie Kidder said...

I had never heard of Handsome and Gretyl, but I'm listening now and loving them! Thanks for sharing :)

Carolynn said...

Good luck! its so much fun. just keep working at it!