Monday, June 24, 2013

Talk of the Future

I used to be shy when I was younger. I would read books all day, and play with my sister and spend lots of time outdoors. I wasn't really nervous around people my own age, but I didn't like talking to adults.
In college I outgrew my shyness and started talking to everyone and everything. I wanted to learn about the world so I could be a part of it! Everyone seemed to be having so much fun and I wanted to join in. Of course, after graduating and working in food service for three years, I realized that making your way in society is very different then what I dreamed of. I no longer wish to leave any marks on this world, I only want to desire to serve God.
Now that I'm growing older I realize how fleeting life is. What is one year? The batting of an eyelash, the ephemeral dream of youthful hope. Life is wonderful and beautiful and so vivid that sometimes it overwhelms me with its little moments and its powerful tides--but most of all its brevity. Oh, that I could turn back years.
 But I am content. With this hour, with this day. I will keep dreaming my dreams and attempting to measure my steps near my Heavenly Father, whose mercy knows no bounds and whose Presence fills my waking life.

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