Thursday, June 6, 2013

Questionable I'm going to talk about something that I just don't understand (Again. Recurring theme, I know. )

But, perhaps you will agree with me. Maybe you'll understand. Maybe we can start a self-help group to solve this puzzle and together develop a coping mechanism. 

My confusion stems from one source: these.

these are not shorts

What are these?! Are they shorts? Are they underwear? Maybe even pants? Uh, definitely not pants. Seriously, I have boy short underwear (you know, "brief" style) that are the same size as these so-called "shorts".

underwear or short shorts brief style underwear with short shorts

I'm not trying to bash on anyone who chooses to wear these, I know its your body, your decision, but rather I am questioning the authenticity of the retail stores that call these shorts (and sell them for 20$ a pair, WTF?). I don't think they are shorts. More like, "almost-underwear-type-things-wait-is-my-butt-showing-now?" (it totally is). Anyway, I've yet to see anyone over a size two actually look good in these.

What do you think? Are they shorts, or are they undies? Because your derrière depends on the answer.

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