Saturday, June 15, 2013

A tribute to my friend Beth

Dear Beth, you've been an amazing friend throughout the years! I didn't know you much in college, but I wanted to. You have very driven, creative spirit that both inspired and awed me. I totally wanted to get to know you more.
A friend, Me, Beth, and another friend in college shopping at a mall in 2008
After I graduated college, I was still living in town, and I loved learning more about you though random photo-shoots and thrifting adventures! We still have fun shopping and practicing photography together. You also help me stay up to date on current events and challenge me daily to help people in need.
Beth and me at a downtown photo-shoot, 2012
Through the years we became great friends and I am very happy to know you! I can't wait to see where life takes you, as a videographer and a photographer and as a young christian women! You rock!
Beth, me and Larkin at my wedding in 2012
Also, I can't wait to see your new website when it launches on your birthday in a few days!! Here's to many more candid conversations, life lessons, and amazing thrifty moments.

P.S. Pineapples
P.P.S When are you vising me again
P.P.P.S I miss you.

Love your weird friend Carolynn

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