Monday, November 5, 2012

Waterfall Braid Tutorial

I created this hairstyle (through I'm sure has been done before) when trying to think up things to do for my hair when I get married in 11 days.
Start with a middle part. Do two waterfall braids on each side of your head, joining with a clip in the back to hold them in place so they don't unravel while we mess with the rest of your hair.
Under the waterfall braids, do two dutch braids using the rest of your hair until they meet in the back at the same place you ended the top braids.
Sort remaining hair into three sections. Braid each section.
Braid your three braids together.
Roll this braid up and secure with pins or clips! Neat and tucked out of the way, this hairstyle is great for any wind-related event. :)
Let me know what you think, and if you like it!


Azara said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous so I would be tempted to stop at that second pic to show it off. But of course it depends on the style of your dress too.

Azara said...

Forgot to say I'm visiting from the I Love My Post blog hop :)

Rosemary Sandiford said...

Aww you have fabulous thick hair!!! I have hair envy. I think that is a beautiful wedding style, you could thread some fresh flowers in too. I am now following you and found you from the I love my post#10 bloghop!'d love if you would check out my blog too,

PJH Designs said...

What a lovely look. You make it look easy to create but I know its not that easy. You have beautiful, thick hair. Congrats on the upcoming wedding and thanks for linking up at Transformed Tuesday. I hope you'll link up again this week. Hugs, Peggy. I'm a new follower.

Anonymous said...

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