Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Former Life As a 2AM Cheeseburger Cook.

Yes, that's right. I used to make cheeseburgers at 2 am for a living.
Here is why I hated it:
(Yes this is a guy) 
  1. This was on a college campus (Virginia Tech). Everyone was always drunk (well, those I saw. I'm sure all the non-drunk people were, like, sleeping.) and while entertaining for the first few weeks, I got really tired of seeing my boss call the cops every friday and saterday due to College-student-so-and-so passing out or loosing her blouse or having premarital relations outside our establishment (or inside, on occasion) No, I'm not joking. 
  2. It was 2am. I am a morning person! This was not working as I was always tired!
  3. Cheeseburgers do not make you smell good when you have been around them for eight hours.
  4. I hate cheeseburgers.
  5. Making cheeseburgers is not my life goal. Nor anything related to what I wish to be doing with life. 
(and no, I was not supposed to be using my phone at work. maybe I was on break? I don't remember. probably not.)
I'm not trying to say that VT is a terrible place of employment. It was only the hours and the customers I loathed. And my cheeseburger perfume. I had a great boss with a hilarious sense of humor and moderately good pay, but getting off work at 3 am and staggering home and finally falling asleep around 5 am was not making for good life habits.

I loved the VT campus and made a few really good friends...but I just could not continue working there!

So I quit. Two years ago! 

What am I trying to say about all of this? Do what you dream. Only that (and God, of course) will make you happy. Actually, only God will make you content, but not making cheeseburgers really makes me happy. No longer working in fast-food greatly improves my vocational feelings of well being! 

Does anyone else have any fast-food stories to tell?
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