Thursday, April 26, 2012

How To Tie-Dye

Want to give dying a try? Here is all you need to know!
You will need:

  • empty tubs
  • gloves
  • hangers
  • towls

Grab some tubs, one for each color. For this project, I used Rit dye from Walmart in three colors: red, pink, and blue (that turned out purple, btw). Fill your tubs with 1-2 gallons of HOT water (follow the water per part instruction on your dye)
Insert color. I just winged it.
Tie your clothes up and secure with some rubber bands, or simply dip the clothes for a nice gradient wash. If you want deeper colors, let it rest in the dye for 30 minutes.
Rinse the extra dye out of your garment in the sink until the water runs mostly clean. Keep wearing your gloves because the dye will still stain you! Then, hang them to dry. I hung mine in the bathroom.
You should wash them by hand the first few times you wear them so the dye will not stain other clothing.
Wear, and enjoy.

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