Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Advertising on Etsy

Okay, so you have an Etsy shop, full of wonderful vintage or handmade items. Great job! Now, how to get people to buy your items? Wait, how can they buy your items if they can't find your items?! Before you panic, read this guide, and learn how to market your Etsy items and increase your daily browsing numbers! :)

1) Start a blog. Obvious example, this post! Right now I am inundating your minds my fabulous cute rainbow handmade purse! See how easy that was? hehe...*ahem* In reality, the two main things that will bring people to your blogs (and then let them see your cute items) are
  • Posting tutorials on your blog
  • Linking Up with other blogs
  • Hosting giveaways! 
Blogger has free blogs that are completely customizable and relatively add free. Thats what I use. It may take awhile, but keep posting. You will build up some followers, who may or may not comment, but who ARE reading your posts.

2) Use Pinterest. Pinterest is like the Holy Grail of Etsy marketing. Pin yours and others items. Pinterest is all about creating a dream, so make sure to keep the ratio of yours vs. others items about equal. No one likes a snob that only talks about herself. Discretion is always advised!

*Also, be sure you have permission to pin any other artist's work to your boards! I can't imagine why anyone would care, but Pinterest's user agreement states that you (the user) is held responsible for everything you pin!

3) Have a facebook group. Facebook has millions of people that are just waiting to hear about (and share!) your products. Just don't be one of those annoying people that spam posts to your wall every 15 seconds.
  • I offer my facebook members special discount codes
  • I post my blog posts on my facebook page. 
  • I also put pictures of my handmade items. 
I think only one or maybe two posts daily should be made to your facebook group. Don't spam. I hate spammers. I post only once a day, and it usually consists of only a link to my current tutorial and/or creative endeavor.

The one thing I do like is that on your Etsy personal shop page, you can link directly to your facebook and twitter, so fans of your items can find you easily.

4) Sign up for twitter. Twitter is basically a free-for-all. Post as much (or as little) as you like. I'm very new to twitter, and only post about 3 times a week, but the response and feedback so far has been fun.

5) Use great key words! The key words you put on etsy are, uh, key to people finding your product. Put some thought into them. Do a few searches yourself and see if like items pop up.

6) Don't forget that your photographs are art. I love taking the photographs of my work almost as much as I enjoy actually creating the item. You can showcase your photography on art sites, with a link to the product in the description in case a casual passerby gets curious. I use three main art sites, through there are many, many more.
I use each and every one of these, from blogging to flicker to try and market my product, and it all cost me zero dollars! Yay, more money for fabric!

Anyone else have any advertising-boosting secrets? I'd love to hear them!