Friday, March 9, 2012

Wrap Braid Tutorial

This is quick little tutorial for summer hair!
In order to use this tutorial you must know how to dutch braid (this is just braiding from behind)

Step one: Start a Half-Dutch Braid at the top of your head
A dutch braid differs from a french braid in that you weave your pieces under instead of over. The half just means you are only adding hair to the braid from the top. You usually add hair at each section, but with a half dutch braid, you only add hair to the braid every two turns.

Step two: When you get towards the back of your head, start adding in sections to the left, pulling the braid around your crown.
Step three: When you get to your ear-ish region, just braid like normal (don't add any more hair) until you reach about your chin. Then add one or two more pieces in just to help the braid hang over your shoulder.
 Step four: Tie off with a hair elastic, and wear with style :P
(Isn't my ducky shower curtain adorable? haha)

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