Monday, March 5, 2012

My 50 in 1001

Less then a year left for all these goals! Omgosh, I've got to get going! 

I started this here...And I've been very slow on keeping up with it!

This idea is basically a list of dreams and ideas I have challenged myself to finish in a two and a half years. 
Here are my 50 things I want to do in my 1001 days. I have until November 13, 2012.

1) Write a Book (I've STARTED IT!!)
2) Make a photography portfolio (its here)
3) Take sewing lessons (took a week class in july from here)
4) Sew 5 items for friends (One two three four
5) Sew 5 items for my etsy shop (I have over 50 now in the shop)

6) Learn to watercolor  (I'm "adequate", still need to learn more tho!)

7) Watercolor 5 things for family (one
8) watercolor 5 things for my etsy shop 
9) start my own business (Silver Moon Creations. started Jan 12, 2010!!) 
10) buy more watercolors and brushes (bought two flat wash brushes, a tilted clipboard and some transparent watercolors with my overtime paycheck in 2010!!)
11) Find a new job (one that is not at night) (I love my job now.)
12) save 3000 dollars in my savings account
13) take yoga  (Took for 6 months at Blacksburg Health and Fitness and now I am at Gold's Gym)
14) exercise every day for a week straight
15) avoid fast food or eating out for a month (I am challenged not to eat out, ever!!)

16) buy black boots (I bought a pair of scrunchy boots just days ago! Here is a silly pic of me wearing them)

17) buy more nail polish (bought three shades lol)
18) read the bible every day for a month
19) pray every day for a month
20) go to church without missing a sunday for a month

21) take a vitamin every day
22) eat three balanced meals a day for a week (I felt SO great after this. I need to make this real life!)
23) go to bed before 11pm every night
24) wake up at 6am or 7am every day
25) take the GRE (I am scheduled for this on Nov 11th!!) (I was accepted to Radford University but didn't go because of financial reasons)  

26) make 5 cards for my mom ( one )
27) make 5 cards for my etsy shop (one two
28) read crazy love 
29) read passion and purity
30) read something by cs lewis 

31) Make 5 fabric accessories  (one two three four five)
32) Make 5 sewing tutorials  (one two three four five)
33) Cook 5 new things that I've never tried before
34) Own a dress form

35) Own a serger

36) Do 5 Non-selfish things for people I don't know (this is harder then it sounds!)
37) Do 5 Non-selfish things for people I do know
38) Volunteer for something in my neighborhood/town (I volunteered to make dinner for everyone at my church)
39) Write 5 poems (one two three four five
40) Write a blog post every day for a month! (did this January of 2011...But I missed two! oh well =P)

42) switch to natural deodorant, aluminum-free
43) switch to natural shampoo and conditioner (I use petal fresh organics, usually there tea tree. It smells like peppermint <3)
44) don't use a microwave for a week
45) ride the bus to work for a week 

46) ride my bike to work for a week straight
47) tell a stranger about Jesus
48) tithe for a whole month
49) memorize 15 bible verses
50) do my devotions for a week straight without missing!

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