Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scarf to Arm Warmer!

I've been making a lot of these reconstitution tutorials lately. First, my Sweater to Cowl tutorial, and now this!
Step one: Buy a Scarf! You need to make sure the scarf can fit around your wrist at the width. Don't worry if its to big; we can always downsize!
I loved the lace detailing around the ends of this green scarf from the gap, but its horribly outdated!

Step two: Cut the ends about 2 inches longer then you want your arm warmers to be.

Step Three: Hem the ends up, using a zigzag stitch. Try to use thread the same color as the scarf.
We use a zigzag stitch on knits, because it helps hold in the fragile fabric and also allows the fabric to retain its stretchiness.

Step Four: Pin your warmers right sides together, and try one on to make sure it fits. Trim off any excess fabric and, with right sides still together, zig zag stitch down the height of the arm.

Step Five: Cut off any loose threads, and wear your new lovely wrist warmers!
I can't wait to use this tutorial in soooo many ways!

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