Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweater to Scarf Tutorial

I always pick up 100% cashmere sweaters from my local thrift store. Even if it doesn't fit me...because...its cashmere!

So far I've found only one--and it is completely soft and wonderful. I decided to make it into a scarf!

Thus, the Sweater-to-Scarf (or, more accurately, cowl) tutorial was born.
Step one: Acquire Sweater. Cut in half under arm portion.
Step two: Zigzag stitch (or serge) around the hem so your scarf won't unravel.
 Obligatory zigzag-stitch-is-completed photo
Step three: Grab some thread the same color as your cowl and blind hem this edge up, just like you would hem your favorite pair of pants
Step four: Wear!!
(p.s. I love my rainbow crochet chevron afghan!)

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