Monday, February 13, 2012

Felted Slippers

A lonely prince made me some magic slippers.
I never realized how easy and soothing felting. The whole process is completely beautiful, amazing, and unique.
These slippers have inspired me to give felting a try. I am already searching over Ebay and Etsy looking for destashed lots of roving, dreaming of inspiring and intimate moments of me, felt, and bluegrass music.

Felting is like magic.

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katie said...

i've never done felting from roving, but have done quite a bit of the let's-intentionally-shrink-this-sweater-in-the-wash type (made our christmas stockings that way!). now, i've got a stockpile of sweaters waiting for projects, and still every time i go thrifting i have to restrain myself from bringhing home more...