Saturday, May 28, 2011

My room

I've finally gotten around to situating my room the way I want it.

There is only one thing I loathe about my new place...

and that is the walls.

Yes, the walls.

Whoever lived here before me thought mustard yellow, orange, and dark burnt siena would look GREAT randomly painted on all the different walls/ alcoves/ window frame thingies. Its literally the worst paint job I've ever seen.

But wait, it gets worse! Because THEN the person thought...why not take all these colors and paint some weird geometric designs on the mustard walls? So they decided to do just that.

Then they painted the closet blue.


The result is something just plain weird, that slightly resembles chunky barf...with a sky blue closet.

I tried to cover up the geometric stuff with posters, but alas, my posters are too small...

Attempting to lower Wall Ugly Scale
Anyway, the good thing is my landlord gave me permission to paint over it if I want! (she is probably just glad she doesn't have to)

The bad thing is I don't have any money...but when I get some. I'm thinking whatever I come up with will be a definite improvement.

I do like how I've organized it, through. =) The room is SO large. I have space for a desk, a sewing area, and plenty of room to spread out and cut fabric on the floor.

Anyone have any color ideas for big rooms that do NOT contain orange?


anjel.T said...

how about plum and white? nah...those floorboards would look terrible....white with red?mid-night blue. i think the mid-night blue is a better option tho. :)

kmdelacruz said...

I like the yellow a lot, but for some reason I instantly go with yellow when I paint my room. It's pretty cheap to buy yellow paint from walmart, and it covers stuff really well, plus maybe you won't have to cover the already yellow walls? The brown looks horrible, but the yellow part isn't that bad..