Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ending of an Era

So, I've moved. I no longer live in Blacksburg, VA next to the venerable Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  I won't say where my new location is, but I really like my new house. Yes, it's a house! Glee!

And guess what! I've acquired a job that does NOT involve food. YAY!

I'd thought I would share with you all some pictures of my last two years at Virginia Tech. Please be aware that these were all taken on my phone!

Me, before moving to Tec in 2009

My job in Blacksburg involved making cheeseburgers to very drunk VT students from 6pm to 3am in the morning. Okay not all were drunk...but most were. Since it was a college town, and I worked on campus, as you can imagine, shenanigans occurred...
this is definitely a guy.
I enjoyed some of the crazy stuff...but I'm glad to be done with food service! Here is what my uniform looked like:

And here is the spooky door we all walked through each night to clock out.

I'll miss the people at my job, but the work itself? NO thanks =) I'm moving on! Maybe not up, but on. No more food. New apartment! New place. More sewing!

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Beth E. said...

That's awesome! I'll be in town until the last week or so in June, we should meet up! Congrats on the new job!