Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Dream

oh, for the life of a tree, i wish--
to stand tall and watch time float by
high in my stately branches, green with ivy
the blue moon through dark night sky would fly
glancing whispers of beams through the silty darkness

ever old i would be revered
my sturdy frame an icon of steadfast strength
withered bark in autumn so strong--
and weird fiends my fast embrace would keep
stretched forever far in otherwhere

as tree, immortal my seeds would sew
a forest-grove around me
steadfast within my leafy grove
i'd slumber
peace forever behind, and lingering still beyond

Poem and picture by me. This is actually the only poem I've ever gotten published in my literary school magazine.

I'm working on two projects right now: a modern dress with floral fabric, and a cute tote! I'll post pictures soon.