Sunday, March 6, 2011


I made my first "quilt" today. I don't know if it is an official quilt because I used a sewing machine and didn't "quilt" the top of it.

I learned two things.

One, all the pieces have to be the same size (EXACTLY) or chaos will ensue when you try to put them together

and two, buy extra fabric...because I made so many mistakes I ran out of fabric!

But I still think it turned out okay. This blanket is a "bug" blanket, because my two-year-old nephew loves bugs. I hope he likes it when I mail it out tomorrow!

 It's not as yellow as the pictures. More brown, I just think my lighting is bad.

Happy spring break! And happy crafting =)


Beth E. said...

Sweet! I'm sure he will love it!!! I really like the bottom fabic. Definitely all boy!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the comment, I love this blanket, I really want to make a patchwork quilt, I just dont have the time, this must have take you a while!