Saturday, February 26, 2011

My first attempt sewing from a pattern

When I went to the fabric store last month I picked up 5 simplicity patterns. They were having a 5 for 5$ sale and I thought that perhaps I would be able to understand a pattern now that I've learned a bit more about sewing.

This is from Simplicity 3573, and its a nightgown!

I thought I'd try something free-flowing because I've heard that it takes a while to learn your size. This would only require a size estimate, so I wouldn't have to worry. 

I made it out of an old sheet that I bought from a thrift store for 1$. It has a bias tape top:

and cute ruffled sleeves with elastic in the bottom.

My sister just had a baby two months ago (and she's a darling) so I made this nightgown for her. She's nursing and needs things that are easy to nurse in!  

All in all, the pattern was simple and easy to use. I was unsure about a few of the words they used in the steps, but google helped me out. I am surprised to say that I am no longer afraid of patterns and will be giving a few more a try later on!

I made two mistakes. I didn't line up the top piece and the bottom exactly! I also put one of the sleeves on upside down and had to re-do it....

Here is a picture of the the back:

I'm very pleased at my first attempt! Now to sew another tote...

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  1. It is absolutely beautiful Ruth! Wow, I wanna run to the store and buy some patterns too! I can't wait to see what else you will make.
    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. It really means the world to me. Thanks.


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