Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shop Update

Updated my Etsy shop today! I added about 12 items! Here are a few of my favorite merchandise shots:

Go check out my new handmade items here if you are interested =)


Alan O said...

Is that a dandelion for sale? How much?!

Beth E. said...

Super CUTE stuff! I hope your shop does well.

Mary Lynne said...

You have such cute ideas!

I'm trying to figure out inexpensive wedding favors. My wedding theme is Medieval and the reception is going to have a carnival feel to it. My fiance' and I would like to have prizes as the favors, so they don't have to be all the same thing. (There would be approximately 85 prizes) We just don't want to spend too much over $100!

Maybe you have some ideas?

In Christ's love