Sunday, February 20, 2011


My friend Katie sent me some scarf pictures from a well-known internet store and asked if I could make scarfs. I've never tried to make a scarf, but this evening I sat down and decided to do just that. I don't know if these are any good, but I at least know the just of it now. I have a few more ideas for scarfs too!

First I made this one: (please ignore mess)

Then I made another scarf with the same material and tried to add ruffles:

After that I attempted a sheer scarf. I now hate sheer materiel. If you can't tell, the spots are green not black!

So Katie, do you like any? I have a few more ideas that I might get around to trying this week!

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kmdelacruz said...

I love this!!! I think of ideas for you a lot. I just forget to tell you! I love your amazing sewing abilities! I wish I could sew... :(