Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentines day post! This is something handmade I made for my valentine..I wanted to post this in favor of the holiday =)

I decided to make something for my special someone this valentine's day. (Since he has all the nick-knacks he needs, seriously) So, I saw this really cute tutorial from the blog I am Mama Hear me Roar . I decided to do the same, with pictures of myself since I don't have any childern.

What she did was arrange her husbands favorite candy in tins using pictures of herself and her kids. The pictures displayed a theme, like salty and sweet and spicy.

So I took pictures of myself (or used ones I already had) of myself looking hot, salty, and sweet. Then I put the pictures on old jars and filled it with candy. For salty I used salted nuts and m&ms, and pretzels, for sweet I used skittles and a white chocolate chip hershey bar and for hot I used cinnamon gum and hot tamales.

Here are the pictures I used:

I won't put hot on here. Suffice to say I was wearing a red dress =).

I hope he likes the gift, if I ever get to give it to him!
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