Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to make a cup-cozy

Step 1: Go to Starbucks. No really. This step is non-negotiable! =P While there, pick up your favorite hot beverage, and two of the cardboard hot sleeves. (I grabbed an extra in case I lost mine)  =) Drink your caffeine and feel crafty!

You should have these three things upon returning home:

Open up one of the cardboard sleeves and lay it out. It's a pattern! Think to yourself: couldn't I have just swiped one of the sleeves and saved 4 dollars? But then how would you see your finished product on a real cup?! If you feel warm and caffeinated, move on to step 2, if not, please repeat step 1. =)

Step 2: Find two pieces of fabric to make your cozy with. Lay them on top of each other, and using your cardboard sleeve, cut around them. Leave about an half-inch or more for seams.
You should now have this:

Step 3: This cozy is reversible. Embellish one, or both sides. Remember to stay away from the edges because we will be sewing these soon and they will disappear. I spelled out "hot" on mine =)

Step 4: After you are done embellishing, place your two pieces, right sides together in a sort of sandwich.
Step 5: Sew most of the way around, leaving one end open so you can flip it right-side out.
Step 6: Flip right side out.

Step 7: Fold down remaining edge and pin.

Step 8: Sew all the way around the top of your cozy, on the front. =)

Step 9: Wrap your cozy around the cup (see I told you you'd need it!) and pin one edge over the other. Sew down on top of the stitches from step 8, making a circle.

Step 10: Admire your cozy! Place in purse and use next time you are out! =)


Anko said...

what an awesome idea, thanks!

Beth E. said...

So cool! They are super cute and reading the tutorial makes me think that even I could accomplish making one! :)

Mom said...

Next time we go to B&N--I want to use the "Hot" cozy! :)

Rebecca said...

Love this!