Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring Adventures of a Kitty-Eared Girl! You can become a sponsor by donating up to 1$ a month on my patreon page. This will get you a text link on my blog under the heading "patreon sponsers". I am so grateful for all the wonderful ladies and gentlemen I have met since I've started my blog and YouTube channel! I am always surprised at how kind, generous, and wonderful all of you are! I will never forget the amazing friendships I have cultivated along the way.

You can become a sponsor also by e-mailing me at moonofsilver@gmail.com if you require more then just what is offered on patreon.


In addition to paid sponsor spots, I also offer four swap positions. Swaps are located below paid sponsor positions. You must place a button of similar size on your blog in order to be eligible for a swap. Due to my blog esthetic I do not allow you to design your own button, but I will design one for you. Please e-mail me if interested in rotation. These are free.

Example of swap size is below. Swaps do not come with any perks, but I do tweet things I find particularly inspiring often, so who knows?


Buttons for my blog that you may use if swapping with me (also feel free to e-mail me if you need a different size, that's fine) are below.

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