Friday, March 15, 2024

Random Thoughts on Books and Life

Spring is peeping around the corner. Yesterday it was 75f and boy, did we all love it. We were outdoors and in the stream (and pond) and the kids tried out their new waders that I bought them for Christmas.

We just finished reading the Plum Creek book by Laura Ingles Wilder, and I Have Thoughts. One, these books are a totally different experience as an adult. I just--my heart! The grasshoppers and the fire and the drought and the heat...every thing in that book makes me thank God for what I have and puts a lot of good perspective on my own life. I am not surviving off fish, turnips and potatoes. Those Ingles were made of sterner stuff. I am in awe. 

It also reminds me of A Lantern in Her Hand and that amazing prairie story. I hope I never have to go through anything like that, but also when I scrutinize my life: how soft and plush and excessive it all is. Also. Reading Laura Ingles greatly makes me want to write something similar about growing up in the 90s and eating orange push pops in July while coloring in my Lisa Frank notebook. Maybe one day I will. There is so much nostalgia and beauty in my childhood that I would love to capture it into words for my children, too. 

Laura is a gem. Pa and Ma were gems. I wish I could meet them. Instead I try to pull things out of a book that doesn't give me all the answers. Like, how did they use the bathroom during the 3 day storm? I bet going to the outhouse wasn't an option. Bed pans? And why do I care? But I do. I want to know. I'm glad they are not alive anymore--we people would bombard their serenity with all these stupid questions. They would have no peace!

I wish she had written a sequel to Farmer's Boy. 

I want to try one of Almanzo's mother's donuts. Did you know her name was Angelina? I am sad too--that Ma and Pa's line did not continue. I have three kids and I would be sad if I did not have any grandkids. Ma and Pa had only one granddaughter, Rose, and her baby boy died. God knows. He does, and he is enough--but still, it is sad. I know Pa's brothers and sisters had kids who had kids who had kids and their lines go on today. It has to be enough. I wish Laura's line had gone on though. It is so sad that Ma lost her little boy and then Laura lost hers and had to see Rose loose hers. How tragic and...crazy! 

These are just things I am thinking of today. Daddy is holding little Esther so I can write. I am supposed to go down. I just finished some brownies and they were delicious and I am looking forward to a relaxing evening before bed. Goodnight all, and Happy Weekend. It is strange to find time to write when usually I have none!

Esther turns 1 soon!!! So excited to celebrate her first birthday in May.

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