Saturday, March 9, 2024

An Update

Well, it has been awhile. How is it March?! Where has the time gone? Brian was sick most of January with pneumonia but he is all the way better now. We are all doing well. I am an exhausted mom. 

Life has been so busy. Reuben is in third grade, Becky has piano and I have violin lessons. Both kids do ballet. We pick up raw milk and try to make it to our nature co-op. And see friends each week for play dates. Sitting down at the computer has not happened! Even home-school is hit or miss with a baby. We will be taking the month of May off for our summer vacation this year and spending it gardening! I hope to have a big garden this spring and summer. But June and July will be spent finishing up third grade. Becky starts Ambleside year one this fall and Reuben year four!

I did finally record Esther's birth story but I have not edited it yet. Hopefully I can some time before she turns one, and post it to my YouTube channel.

Here is a little re-cap of the last three months. 

The kids at UVA

In January we went to UVA to look at Reuben's nose and get some more scans. On the X-ray they were able to see that he has really large adenoids. We are looking into some natural healing for shrinking those. Praying for healing for Reuben! I went by myself to UVA with three kids and stayed in an hotel for two nights and it was crazy fun. We walked everywhere! The reason I ended up staying two nights is it snowed when we got there! We all had a fun mini vacation and I'm glad to have some answers for poor Reuben's lifelong condition of not being able to breathe through his nose. I got food poisoning the last night which was not fun. Brian was home sick still with pneumonia. 

In February Brian finally started getting better when our car died for a week. My husband had to push my car though an intersection. It was scary (very busy intersection) but I felt so loved that he was there for me. After he pushed, by himself I might add--our car--he had an asthma attack and I used some natural remedies to help him. And we both thanked God for, one, him being right behind me when my car died (he was following me home) and two, him being okay after pushing my car as he was still recovering form pneumonia. The car if patched up and we are saving for a van!

Esther at Becky's Piano lessons 

Now it is March, and we are resting, enjoying the last little bit of the postpartum season as Esther's first year comes to an end in two months. Esther is having swallowing issues and we have an appointment to see if she needs physical therapy. She probably just needs more time. She's breastfeeding like a champ and  growing so much! I can't believe she is 10 months. I almost have a toddler, you guys! AND I'm almost forty. This is crazy. 

In other news, Reuben decided to quit playing the violin. I am bummed, but what mother hasn't had unrealistic dreams for their children? He is his own person, and after 4 years of violin he can pick it up when he's older if he wants. I am still playing. It has always been my dream. 

Life goes on and I keep creating pockets of stillness for our family in the madness. We have a wonderful family and a wonderful life and I am grateful every day. God is good. I think this will be a slow year for blogging...and a slow year for many things in general. Love you all!

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