Monday, October 24, 2022

11 weeks!

Today I am 11 weeks pregnant. Almost through the first trimester, how exciting!! Today my nausea is awful, which is weird because for the last four days it was getting better (a little) and I was hopeful it was going to go away soon. Today it's been a very intense friend. I also did something to my neck and it hurts. But we are going to try to have as normal as a day as I can. 

I vacillate between "trying to do all the things" and collapsing in my armchair. I am trying not to disassociate from my children and, though we did take three weeks off school I plan to start trying some school today. I miss it and the kids miss the routine. 

A baby means I am new mama. My body is growing a human! I am adjusting. It is okay to rest and my house does not need to be perfect every day. My kids will be okay.

All things I need to hear. I can't wait until I have my first appointment and get to see the little bean. It is on November 11th and I am hopeful for good news. 

I'm tired of the keto diet but I know it is good for my body and my baby. I will not let gestational diabetes take me over. 

It's only a season. 

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