Sunday, October 31, 2021

Another Year, Almost

It has almost been another year. I can't help but reflect, a lot. That is what I have mostly been doing; reflecting and reacting-- to my life, to current middle age, to dreams and desires. 

I'm excited for 2022. I want my hair to grow out a bit. I love it short, but I miss it long. I don't regret cutting it because it helped my migraines so much, but now that I know I can just shave the back, I want to try having long hair again, just less hair.

We are on the cusp of holidays. I'm excited. This year I didn't wait until the last minute to make plans. I have made all our holiday plans this week. We also purchased all our presents greatly in advance (usually I wait until the beginning of December) but with my husband "maybe" losing his job due to the covid vaccine I wanted to make sure we had everything. (I still can't believe this is the world we live in) 

Also, there is a apparently a toy shortage but I didn't notice anything that I wanted being unavailable. 

Reuben is getting a rope tying book for Christmas. Becky is getting a necklace kit and they both will receive a wooden sword and shield, as well as a lot of stocking nicknacks. The necklace kit and the rope book will be what we do for handicrafts next term. This term we did paper sloyd and clay modeling! 

We are doing a low-key Christmas this year. I was going to ask for a month of hot yoga, but I don't think I have the energy. I just started doing Yoga with Adriane again on YouTube so we will see what I feel up too. I miss hot yoga; I quit going when we started homeschooling because I couldn't imagine doing both. It was the right decision, but that doesn't mean I am happy about it. So, I don't know what I want for Christmas. I ordered myself some yarn, that is honestly enough. My house overflows with stuff. Brian wants an office chair; he works from home right now and has been sitting in a broken uncomfortable computer chair for almost two years now. We ordered him one from Amazon, I hope he likes it! He ended up ordering a gaming chair instead of an office chair, but he does not game. It looks really comfy. 

I got my mother in law a stand for her ukulele for Christmas, and I have not purchased anything for my mother or sister or her children. That is next, if I can think of anything they need. 

For Halloween this year we had princess spider-man and a ninja. It was a great trick-or-treating around our little neighborhood. Our kids don't get candy, so they were thrilled. It was funny to watch them try it. Maybe I should give them candy more often, they really don't know much about it. This was Reuben's third time trick-or-treating. Becky's second time; really its her first because the first time she was too afraid to go up to the houses. She is three. 

And yes, I know spider-man is anti gun, and the irony of Becky holding guns wearing that outfit, but she's three. Also, she's never actually seen spider man, she only knows about him because the little boy I used to babysit LOVES him. And he gave Becky this costume because he's so nice (or because his mother made him) but regardless she loves it. 

Anyway, Reuben would only leave his ninja hat on for about 5 minutes. But it was so cute. He's the best ninja. 

Life is good. We are homeschooling on. God is good. I am trying to do my duty to Him, and to my family. 

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