Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Vlogs are Back

You are probably confused. It's 2021, Carolynn. But in this video Reuben is five. What? Yes. This video is from August 2020, a whole year ago. When I quit vlogging due to health reasons I had about a month or two of vlogs that I had not edited. Well I am finally getting around to editing them and posting them, and its so late I just decided to schedule them a year later. So yeah, that is what is happening.

The reason I vlog is so I can see what has happened in our family. These are MY video diaries. These vlogs are for me, I just use YouTube as a method of saving them, and I don't mind people watching them. With social media and my kids growing, posting everything one year later just makes sense to me! So yes, welcome back to covid. I hope, in 2021, that it is GONE. Welcome back to my life. 

I love you all!
This was the week I started treatment for chronic fatigue with a naturalistic doctor. I didn't film much,but here is what I got. I was sick a lot this week with my chronic illness. It was not fun. I want to get better! 

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