Sunday, July 11, 2021

Reubens Second Year of Kindergarden

This may be confusing, but we have decided to wait another year to start Reuben in first grade (or "Year 1" for Ambleside online). He just isn't quite ready--though in many places he is doing first grade work, I feel he isn't ready for everything "Year 1" has. He turns six next week! I may start him on year one next semester (in January of 2022) or wait a full year and start next August. 

We are, however, implementing several Charlotte Mason methods, such as narration and short lessons! That shall be fun!! I am excited about our year.

We will be doing a 4 school-day schedule, Monday through Thursday, with Friday (and the weekends) off. I can't wait!

Here is what we are doing DAILY. (4 times a week)

Morning time - Our "Morning time" will include a prayer, reading picture books, doing our bible memory verses and reading "The Ology" and our bibles. (45 min)

Math - We will be finishing up the second half of First Grade Math from Masterbooks. (10 minutes)

Geography - Either "Under the Home" or "On Mission". (10 min)

Violin - 10 minutes practice each day, Suzuki method 

Reading/ Phonics - We are doing spectrum phonics "kindergarten book" and the SCM delightful reading kit #2 (10-15m)

Walk - Every day we will take a walk somewhere to get our energy out, midway though our lessons! (15 min)

Nature Journaling - after our walk, perhaps? Something we collected! (our rainy day is to do UTH) (10 min)

Here is what we will be doing WEEKLY. (1 time a week)

Composure Study - we will be studying the music of Handel (15 min)

Paper Sloyd - We will be going through the book by Edith Anne (20 min)

Nature Study - We are doing "Exploring Nature with Children" (2 hr) 

Tea time, poems and picture study - we will be studying the art of Giotto and reading poems, drinking tea, baking together (30 min)

In September we start a Co-op (I am teaching geography in the co-op this term). The co-op will be doing clay modeling, picture study, drawing, P.E. and Natural History together! The co-op meets twice a month, and Reuben and I are very excited. 

Here is to another year of school! 

(What are we doing with Becky? Well, she will be there for all of Reubens stuff, I got her a Pre-k workbook but that's really so she's occupied while I teach Reuben. We will wait until she's 5 to start anything formal) 

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