Saturday, June 19, 2021

Music Study of Handel (Charlotte Mason Method)

I joined a co-op that meets twice a week for two terms (a fall and spring term). Reuben and I are excited! One of the things that I liked about a co-op was the "doing it together" aspect. Our planning meeting is next week so I don't know what I will be teaching yet--but each one of the six moms will be picking a subject and teaching it throughout the terms, as well as providing lesson plans for the weeks we won't meet. Even through our kids are all different ages there are many subjects that can be combined. We will be picking from Natural History, Picture Study, Drawing, Recitation, Composer Study, Singing, Physical Exercise, and Handicrafts. Other subjects like Geography and Foreign Language may be able to be done together--but I am not sure. 

I made a list of three that I would enjoy teaching. Number one for me was Handicrafts, but I am sure that will be a popular one among the moms, so I am not holding my breath. Number two was Composer Study, even through I know nothing about historical composers I do know a bit about music having played the clarinet though high school and college. Number three on my list was geography, most specifically the geography of VA. I am going to make lesson plans to present to the others in my co-op and also for my own use! 

This is my lesson plan for term study on Handel using the Charlotte Mason Method. This lesson plan can easily be done by one family! The PDF can be downloaded here and explains everything inside. Let me know what you think, and come back and leave a comment if you use this in your homeschool. 

I hope I get one of my top three choices but I am nevertheless excited for our term to begin and to start schooling together. I am going to make lesson plans for the study of geography in VA and also for paper sloyd--would you like to see those when I am done?  

Have a great weekend, and God bless.

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