Sunday, March 29, 2020

Finding Normal

As we approach week three of self isolation, I am just now editing our vlogs from week one. What a week that was--relearning routines, being gentle with ourselves because chaos and shock--and discovering God's holy provisions even in the face of fear.

I have been praying for Italy and New York a lot, watching the news (and not watching the news) and talking with my church members. I miss playdates, park adventures, random coffee runs. Reuben's preschool camp was canceled. I had not even told him he was going yet (it was a two hour program for one day) but I was excited for him. My friends are losing their jobs left and right and some of them can't find specific foods at the store. A close friend of mine was only allowed to buy one loaf of bread for her family of 12. Three weeks ago I was moaning about how cold it was and feeling sorry for myself as I did dishes and made beds and wiped bottoms. Now I thank God for our health and pray for a country that is changing right before my very eyes.

we are out of flour now, but I baked a lot the last two weeks!
Here in Lynchburg, VA, the virus is new. When self quarantine started two weeks ago, we had around 12 cases in the state, and zero anywhere near me. Now, two weeks later (as of 3/27) there are 600 cases and 4 around me (only one in Lynchburg as of yesterday). We are staying home. I have autoimmune diseases, my husband always has lung issues and gets everything in his lungs, I have Becky who is normal and Reuben who is always sick and has a lot of allergies. We have gone out a few times and taken the trash out, and done some car-side-to-go orders, but the next week we will be trying to leave our house as little as possible to flatten the curve as much as we can. I am grateful that my husband can work from home during this time and glad we have groceries until next Saturday.

If you are interested in seeing what our first three days were like, I will leave those vlogs below. Follow me on my vlogging channel if you want more. Hint, its mostly shots of my cute kids. Because it helps me take my mind off things...and, cute kids.

How are you guys doing? What has changed in your lives? I am praying for you.

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