Thursday, March 5, 2020

February Mother Culture

I didn't finish everything in February. February was HARD. I babysat at least one extra toddler four days a week, and on some days had two extra toddlers! Also, tragically a friend of mine (and community leader) died recently leaving behind a four year old and her husband. Our community has been in shock ever since. I've been randomly frozen in sadness thinking of her and her son. I can't believe she is gone.

After feeling guilty about my progress on my mother culture goals for about three days, I decided to just roll over Feb into March and push everything back a month. The purpose of Mother Culture isn't to finish my list, but to cultivate my own learning and make intentional time for myself. February was crazy, March will be hopefully less so. I'm grieving a loss and need to give myself space and be gentle with myself--time to knit and read will come later.

Right now I am half way through I Said This, You Heard That, and about 1/4 the way through Lord of Chaos. I'm finding it hard to make time to read, and knit! In the evenings I am usually just so exhausted I lay on the couch and watch my husband play Zelda Breath of Wind while my knitting sits on the floor because Becky is nursing. It is what it is.

I did manage to knit about 6 inches of the bottom!! I have four more inches to go, and 2 inches of k2,p2. So close! I will be making short sleeves so, I really am a week or two away from finishing if I work hard! I am loving the Engle pattern--its SO SOFT and I think it looks great.

I also wanted to start on sourdough bread making this month too, but I have zero motivation to make bread from scratch right now. Maybe later.

How was your February?

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